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    Equal Opportunity Employer: Provide Staffing Services, LLC, is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Employment offers are made on the basis of qualifications, without regard to race, sex, religion, national or ethnic origin, disability, age, veteran or military status, sexual orientation, or marital status. I, __________________________, understand that neither the completion of this application, nor any other part of my consideration for employment establishes any obligation for Provide Staffing Services, LLC to hire me. If I am hired, I understand that Provide Staffing Services LLC, or I can terminate my employment at any time and for any reason, with or without cause and without prior notice. I understand that no representative of Provide Staffing Services, LLC, has the authority to make any assurance to the contrary. I attest with my signature below that I have given to Provide Staffing Services, LLC, true and complete information on this application. No requested information has been concealed. I authorized Provide Staffing Services, LLC, to contact references provided for pre-employment reference checks. If any information I have provided is untrue, or if I have concealed material information, I understand that this will constitute cause for the denial of employment, or immediate dismissal, if on a job assignment already. I acknowledge that I am not eligible to receive benefits offered by Provide Staffing Services, LLC clients to their employees. I also understand that any offer of employment from Provide Staffing Services, LLC is conditional on Provide Staffing Services, LLC receiving satisfactory responses to reference request, background check, passing a drug screen, and providing satisfactory proof of my identity and legal authority to work in the United States. I understand that I may not be eligible for full time hiring at a Provide Staffing Services, LLC client unless I have worked 90 days or 720 hours as a Provide Staffing Services, LLC associate. If I accept full time employment and have not met these requirements, I agree to compensate Provide Staffing Services, LLC monetarily the difference in the hours or days not met. Under no circumstances is full time employment guaranteed when being offered an assignment with a Provide Staffing Services, LLC client. I consent to a pre-employment test to detect the use of controlled substances, alcohol, or prescription medication without a prescription. I understand that I may be required to drug screening post- accident for illegal drugs and or controlled substances. If I refuse to sign the consent, fail to take a pre-employment or accident related drug screen, or fail any portion of the test, I will not be considered for employment, or if employed, I will be terminated. I understand and agree that Provide Staffing Services, LLC may release the results of my drug screening to the State Unemployment Department if a claim for unemployment insurance is filed by me or on my behalf. I agree to hold all parties harmless and not sue in connection with any aspect of drug screen testing or its effect on my employment status. I understand that if I have any questions about the meaning of the provisions in this authorization and consent or the drug screens, they will be answered on request.
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